Video / Multimedia Services
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Video / Multimedia Services

HG Litigation offers a wide variety of professional, affordable video services to support any multimedia need you may have. Coast-to-coast video coverage is provided through our national network of Certified Legal Video Specialists. CLVS videographers are educated in legal etiquette and adhere to the high standards set by the legal community regarding equipment and procedure. Video depositions are shot using high-end digital cameras for superior resolution. Original tapes are archived indefinitely for your peace of mind. All production work is done in-house to ensure consistent, high-quality video depositions which are formatted to your specifications (DVD, Mpeg-1, 2, 4) and can be synced to your desired trial presentation software.

Legal Video Depositions

  • High Definition Video
  • CLVS Certified Videographers
  • Video – Text Synchronization
  • Imports into all major trial presentation software
  • Will allow you to create your own clips
  • Picture In Picture Depositions
  • USB & Cloud delivery

Legal Video Production

  • Site inspection
  • Drone coverage
  • Day in the life
  • Video settlement documentary
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Insurance claim sites

Video - Text Synchronization

  • Imports into all major trial presentation software
  • Will allow you to create your own clips

Video Editing

  • Page Line Designations
  • So easy to use, you can do your own court playback
  • Rush Requests / Quick Turnaround
  • Security & Surveillance Editing
  • Witness reports with clip duration and other important information
  • USB & Cloud Delivery

Picture In Picture Depositions

  • Input an elmo, laptop, or tablet into the video
  • Conference room monitors and projectors

Trial Services

  • Case Organization
  • Courtroom / War Room Set Up
  • On site logistic support
  • On The Fly Clip Creation
  • In Court Presenting
  • Graphics / Animation

YesLaw Online

  • Online video review tool
  • Searchable transcripts
  • Online team collaboration
  • Exhibit and document repository
  • Have your expert or client review clips online
  • Download the video

HG LiveLitigation

  • Log on via laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Live video feed of the deposition taking place in real time
  • Stream the transcript in real time
  • Export the transcript after the deposition
  • Keyword search
  • Wireless connectivity at deposition


Virtual Reality

  • A new and exciting method to communicate your evidence
  • Allow jury to see from the witness’ perspective
  • Place the jury in a specific environment that they can interact with
  • Allow the jury to feel like they are placed in a dangerous accident reconstruction
  • Feel as if you are in the same room with someone, despite being miles away