Video Conferencing is a web-based HD video conferencing solution that gives you the ability to view live, multi-party video depositions.

Your deponent is in Germany and additional parties are spread out throughout the United States. What do you do? Make one call to HG. We will have you set up to move forward with your deposition via video conference in no time. At HG we use only the fastest technology designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the legal community. We have the knowledge and experience to take your depositions worldwide.

HG Litigation offers, a web-based video conferencing solution that gives you the ability to engage in live multi-party video broadcasts.

Advantages of HG Video Conferencing

  • Same quality standards as with traditional single site depositions
  • Clear audio and visual of all parties in all locations
  • Conference is monitored by our staff of professionals to ensure quality throughout
  • Multiple options to suit your venue
  • Available for Tablets and Smartphones
  • Streaming Text Feed
  • Exhibit Sharing
  • Quick response time