Remote Depos
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Take and attend depositions from home.

For years, our team has been the leader in enabling deposition attendees to participate remotely, helping our clients depose witnesses from anywhere – their offices, hotels, and even the airport. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the legal  industry, HG Litigation has expanded this long-term service to enable  every participant – deponent, court reporter, and attorneys – to  successfully attend depositions from different locations.

Your business is litigation, not technical support.

That’s why HG Litigation delivers comprehensive Remote Depo Solutions which include our signature court reporting and legal videography services for remote depos, plus a dedicated consultant to coordinate the technical platform, equipment preparation, and practical guidance that enables every participant to successfully attend depositions from different locations.

“But a deposition isn’t a typical meeting. What about presenting exhibits, swearing in, and reading back testimony?”

Our Remote Depo Solutions include procedures and training to enable remote depositions to be just as meaningful, strategic, and comprehensive as traditional co-located depositions.

  • We provide a vetted system for taking-attorneys to remain in control of how exhibits are released.
  • We ensure both verbal and non-verbal responses are captured as part of the record.
  • We train our court reporters to properly swear in deponents and go on record.

Choosing the right technology

When you partner with HG Litigation for your Remote Depos, our team handles everything but the questioning. We make the entire experience “virtually seamless” for our clients.

Virtual Meeting Software

With data-security top-of-mind, your Remote Depo Solutions expert establishes a highly-secure virtual deposition room that protects case information while enabling you to obtain the required testimony. For your Remote Depo, each individual’s location has its own characteristics that can affect the event and must be addressed. That reality and various other considerations go into the selection of the right virtual meeting platform for each deposition. Our team has extensive experience utilizing all of the market-leading platforms for remote depositions. We remain informed about each product’s security measures and feature enhancements so that the ideal platform can be deployed for your deposition.

Bandwidth, devices, and other hardware requirements

For some participants, a tablet device will suffice, while other participants may require additional devices based on their role in the deposition. Our team polls every participant in advance to understand what devices they have in their possession, how to optimize audio and video aspects of the event, and how to ensure security settings are adequate.

Remote Depos keep you moving forward–even when you aren’t going anywhere.

The only difference between a co-located deposition and a remote deposition is space. Otherwise, every participant can expect the same experience seeing, hearing, and engaging in the live deposition, and attorneys can expect the same deliverables after the event.