Realtime Court Reporting

HG Realtime Court Reporting service means that you get instant translation of shorthand into English, voice-to-print, via a cable connection at the deposition location or via the internet anywhere in the world. Look at the reporter’s rough draft of the transcript as the deposition is happening. HG is proud to report to our clients that our Interactive Realtime Deposition services are Engate-Compliant. Also see Video Streaming.

What is Realtime Reporting?
Realtime is defined as instantaneous access. In a deposition setting, this refers to a live rough draft feed of the testimony from the reporter’s laptop to the attorney’s laptop.

How does it work?
The reporter will connect her steno machine to her laptop and then connect her laptop to the attorney’s laptop with a serial cable that the reporter will supply.

What is needed to receive a realtime feed from the court reporter?
The following requirements need to be met:

  • Laptop loaded with realtime software
  • Serial port on laptop or an USB to serial adapter
  • Realtime ready reporter

Information on Realtime Court Reporters
A "baby" reporter fresh out of school will purchase CAT software that has a dictionary with basic words in it. The longer a reporter practices, the better his/her dictionary becomes. Realtime reporters are more experienced reporters who have invested time and money to get to the point where they will put themselves out on the table for attorneys to review at depositions.

What can you do to help?

  1. Notify HG that your attorney will be receiving realtime. The more notice we have, the better reporter you will have.
  2. Provide HG with any pleadings, word indices, or documents that will have spellings of words specific to your case. The more information we have prior to the deposition, the cleaner the transcript will appear on your attorney's screen.
  3. Send your attorney with a laptop loaded with realtime software.
  4. If your attorney does not have a serial port on his laptop, have him bring a USB to serial adapter.

What is an Internet Deposition?
Internet depositions require a realtime reporter. You will have your normal realtime deposition setting; however, co-counsel, clients or expert witnesses attend the deposition remotely. Chat is available between all parties or select parties.