Construction Defect: A Potentially Health Threatening & Extremely Costly Issue Lurking

Construction defect doesn’t always result in catastrophic building collapses. Truth is, a vast majority of construction defect problems are far less as deadly. Even so, most all incidents result in property damage of some form, financial burden due to costly repairs and in some cases, even potentially life threating health conditions. Still, most construction defect victims rarely are aware of the lurking potential for these problems, due to their being inconspicuous in the beginning, until long after the damage has begun. Unfortunately, far too many construction defect victims never even realize these possibly avoidable problems were caused by the carelessness, negligent action/in action or deliberate disregard for safety.

Residents of apartments, rental homes and even quite a few homeowners do not realize they might not have to shoulder the financial burdens of repairs due to a construction defect which was not of their doing, nor their fault. There are numerous minor and obscure construction defects which can easily create extremely expensive and very noticeable damages to the walls, floors and ceiling. Ruined drywall, carpet/hardwood and even structural damages such as warped interior wall studs, rotting ceiling rafters and deteriorating floor joist all can become extremely expensive to have repaired. The fact these issues were first created with a careless worker or malicious and/or greedy contractor is enough to make any victim contact an experienced attorney to seek compensation.

Improperly installed windows, roofing issues and poor drainage around a home’s foundation are just a few of the more common examples of construction defects. Typically, these construction defects are rarely the result of the products or building material used in the construction, but rather poorly or improperly trained workers who installed the products or material, or general contractors who knowingly weakened their integrity by not following proper installation methods in order to save time and/or money.

Any area of your home or apartment which becomes damaged due to water seepage or invaded by moisture in any way, not only threatens the structural integrity of the home but can also lead to more serious health problems with the developing of mold along walls. The moisture, whether seeping through or being absorbed into the walls, rotting the drywall and wood or secreting through the concrete creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Once the mold forms and is an actual living creature itself, it begins to spread. In the right environment, the mold can become increasingly dangerous to complex respiratory systems such as that of humans and most pets.

Some individuals who might already have a health issue, as well as some who were perfectly healthy can possibly experience severe lung and upper respiratory problems after inhaling mold spores. Cryptococcus Pneumonia is an extremely vicious fungal infection which enters the victim’s lungs after their breathing in the Cryptococcus spores. Although Cryptococcus isn’t the only respiratory health concern from mold, it is often one of the more complicated and expensive to treat. Victims could be off work for several months, required to administer twice-daily nebulizer treatments, daily oral steroids and antifungal antibiotics are routinely the course of treatment. The antifungal medications alone, such as Sporanox and Diflucan, depending on victim’s insurance, could cost as much as $12-$22 per pill – Per Day!!

Again, although not all construction defect cases involve the collapsing of buildings, large death toll or multiple injuries, almost all are avoidable, costly to the victims and even life-threating depending on