About Us

HG Litigation Services, LP (‘HG’) is a court reporting firm that specializes in a personalized approach from deposition to trial. We are known for our attention to detail, customized and responsive help, state-of-the-art deposition, trial preparation services, and competitive pricing.

Diana Henjum Osberg began building the business as a court reporter in 1979. She founded the company on client service principles and a focus on advancing technology as litigation became more complex.

Since 1979, HG Litigation Services has expanded into 10 locations and employed more than 5,000 Certified Court Reporters worldwide, most of whom are legal professionals with an average tenure of 15 years. HG has carved a unique niche in the industry and created a family atmosphere that transcends into our personalized client service.

Our dedicated team of litigation support specialists and certified court reporters are ready to assist you in all aspects of deposition services, video/multimedia services, copying and scanning services. Welcome to the HG family!