HG Litigation | HG Team
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The Henjum Group Team

The HG Team is a dynamic group of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the court reporting industry. For over 30 years we have been delivering legendary service and results.


Our team is unique in many ways. The tenure of each person you interact with ranges from 15 to over 30 years of industry experience. This means every time you call HG you will be talking to someone with the professionalism and experience that is developed only after many years of service.


With the synchronization of a world class orchestra, HG will manage all of the details of your case regardless of the size. Whether it’s a short local deposition or a multi-day deposition with real-time and video that will be broadcasting to remote users in several locations.


HG has the resources to handle any request or emergency. Many companies can “talk” extensively about how great they are. HG would prefer to prove it to you.


I began building the business as a court reporter in 1979. I founded the company on personalized client service principles and a focus on advancing technology as litigation became more complex.

Diana Henjum-Osberg

Founding Principal

Mandy Gay

Office Manager

Amanda Reyes

Director of Business Development

Angie Culberson

Resource Scheduling Supervisor

Sierra Garcia

Production Coordinator/ Product Quality Control

Angelica Armenta

Billing Coordinator

Jan Ostendorf


Cheryl Whitmore

Accounts Payable / Receiveable Coordinator

I have had a real passion for the court reporting business. I am excited to lead my team and push towards our goals. I believe it’s all about providing exceptional service and value.

Mark Bakewell

Chief Operating Officer

Cheryl Lucas

Vice President

Heather Cerda

Director of Business Development

Twyla Mitchell

Client Manager

Victoria Ortega

Production Coordinator / Lead Quality Control

Justin McAdams


Caroline Kemalyan

Administrative Coordinator

Josh Conley

Information Technology Manager

Kristin has more than fifteen years in the litigation support industry working with law firms across the country in every stage of a case from discovery to post-settlement.

Kristin Henjum-Neerhof

Business Partner

Rodney Hawkins

Director of Business Development

Shane Westbrook

Client Scheduling Supervisor

Kaylen Jones

Client Manager

Serena Geesling

Production Coordinator / Product Quality Control


Video Production Specialist

Robin Tate

Billing Coordinator

Erik Whetstone

Network Specialist II